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Opening Nights


Presented by NHK Seating of America

Thanks to NHK we will make each of our three Opening Nights a very special occasion for our company and our patrons. A pre-show musical performance will take place from 6:15 until 7:15 pm. The Cellar will be serving beer and wine during the pre-show. We’ll have a drawing for a free Red Barn t-shirt to one lucky patron and everyone who attends will be given a special show-themed cookie created by the Gina VanSickle of Lafayette for the drive home.

Every show is special, but Opening Nights are just a bit more special thanks to the sponsorship of NHK.



Keep the Change
     A new play by Michael Clossin

    Musician: Joe Doyel



The Lone Star Love Potion
     A farce by Michael Parker

    Musician: Luna Worldcast



Young Frankenstein
     A musical by Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan

     Musician: Jeffrey Bowen

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