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Here it is...ANNOUNCING THE 2024 LINE-UP!

The On-Stage Foundation Board of Directors and Red Barn Summer Theatre’s Artistic

Director Michael Taylor recently announced their 2024 season. Starting off the summer

will be the Red Barn world premiere production of Keep The Change, a comedy by

Michael Clossin. The second show will be the hilarious farce by Michael Parker, The

Lone Star Love Potion. The third and final production of the summer will be the Mel Brook’s musical Young Frankenstein.

Ticket brochures will be mailed out this Spring. On-line ticket sales will begin in May.

Now a little bit more about our upcoming shows!

Keep The Change tells the story of Irene, an eternal hippie and long-time landlady of

the Cambridge Apartments. Irene is in her eighties now and is having concerns about

memory loss. Her niece wants to move Irene to Chicago but her friends and tenants

want to help Irene find her own path. Funny, charming and surprising, this romantically

quirky comedy will delight audiences of all ages.

 In The Lone Star Love Potion, Jarvis the Butler follows the instructions of his deceased employer and reveals the existence of a secret love potion—the aroma of which causes a person to become instantly irresistible to the opposite sex. In typical Michael Parker

style, when the love potion is uncorked around a group of invited guests, the comedy is fast-paced, farcical and unpredictable until the end.

This year’s musical is YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, the Mel Brooks Musical by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan, Music & Lyrics by Mel Brooks. Young Frederick Frankenstein has inherited his grandfather Victor’s ghastly castle in Transylvania, where he meets the beautiful Inga, the wacky Igor and the mysterious Frau Blucher. Will Frederick avoid the tragic fate that seems to come with the name Frankenstein? This side-splittingly funny musical version of the classic Mel Brooks movie is sure to be the “monster” hit of the summer!

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