You Keep Us Growing

For Artistic Director Michael Taylor, the talented members of the Red Barn

Summer Theatre company and the On-Stage Foundation Board of Directors, the 2021 season was a sunny respite in the middle of an interminable pandemic winter. By initiating distance seating prior to the season, and having a bit of luck when the season coincided with a welcome downturn in the Covid statistics, we were able to invite you—our audience—to safely attend.


And attend you did--as house after house was sold out and we were able to supply some much needed laughter and camaraderie to our audiences.  We’re very pleased with the work our Company produced last summer and from all the positive comments we’ve received, we think you were as well. 


We’d like to sincerely thank each and every patron, sponsor and advertiser for their attendance and support in what was a very critical year for the Red Barn.


At the end of each year we reach out to our supporters and ask them to consider donating to the Barn. We’ve explained previously that it takes

considerable finances just to maintain the 100 year old barn over the winter. In addition to maintenance, we also strive to add something every year for the benefit of our audience. This year we installed a new sound system, on-line ticketing, remodeled the lobby and added the popular “Cellar.” We upped the budget on landscaping, added new outdoor signage and lighting and improved the driveway. In the near future we need to replace the rooftop air ventilators and improve the public restrooms. But for the 2022 season, it’s imperative that we do something not directly for the benefit of our patrons--but for the actors.


The floor of the dressing room is the same old cracked and worn concrete

that was poured a hundred years ago. Water constantly seeps up from the

ground and the rugs and floor coverings that we use to make it safe invariably soak through--making the air stale and musty. But because it’s always been important to use our budget to improve things for our audience, the actors have had to take a back seat for years.


Well this year we’re going to do it—we’re having the floor completely

redone. Once again we will be calling on the skilled and hard-working folks

at Garcia Concrete of Frankfort to bust up and remove old concrete then

pour a brand-new floor. We already have saved some funds for this important remodel but while we’re at it, we’re planning to also replace and improve the closets, shelving, storage and entrances to the dressing room.


So if you have the ability and desire to help out the Red Barn, please consider making a tax-deductible donation this winter.


Thank you for your patronage of the Red Barn Summer Theatre.