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Barnstormer Volunteer Days Spring 2024

It’s that time once again when we try to recruit volunteers to come out and start sprucing up the grounds of the Red Barn in preparation for our 56th season. We frequently get compliments on how beautiful and welcoming the grounds of the Barn are and we always give credit to our talented, energetic and finicky landscaper extraordinaire, Andi Slipher, and her hardworking, personal assistant Carol Coffman.

But these two great volunteers can’t do it alone, so we’re asking our friends and neighbors to stop by the Barn and assist Andi and Carol for a couple hours.

We know everyone gets so busy this time of year and that no matter what date we choose, there are conflicts. So this year we are having three Barnstormer days, in the hope that maybe folks will consider stopping in for one of them.

The first two Barnstormer Days will be working outside—raking, picking up sticks, trimming trees and shrubs and planting flowers. For the last of the three days, we’ll be inside and doing a bit of sweeping, cleaning chairs, dusting and generally making the Barn nice for our company of actors when they arrive.

Andi will be working from 10am until about 2pm, but don’t feel you have to stay that long. If you’d like to stop by just for hour we’d love to have you.

So consider this your invitation. And we’ll have some coffee and donuts available for those of you who would rather just watch Andi work.

Saturday April 27th 10am to 2pm Outside

Saturday May 11th 10am to 2pm Outside

Saturday May 18th 10am to 2pm Inside

Big thanks to all of our volunteers from past years (just a few pictured here)!

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