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It's time to rally, Barnstormers! We need your help!

Updated: 2 days ago

We have a lot going on. A lot. Big improvements outside. And inside. Unfortunately, our timing could be better.

So we’re going to ask Barnstormers—rookies and veterans--to come back to the Barn and help us again. But we have a genius plan to encourage participation this time—instead of on a Saturday, it’s a Thursday.

Okay. Maybe not a genius plan, maybe more of a desperate plan. But we’re going with it, so--Barnstormers. Thursday May 30. Anytime between 10 and 2. Inside clean-up.

We know it’s a big ask. So we have enticements. Like you’ll be among the first to see Andi’s new Hosta Extravaganza!

And among the first to see a new surprise fence project!

Also, the entire cast and crew will also be there working. Some of them may even be rehearsing and you can be among the first to get a glimpse of the first show.

And you’ll get to see what’s happening on top of the Barn. Also, you’ll see what may be going on inside (unfortunately as a result of what’s going on upstairs.)

And Michael Taylor will be so happy to see you he’s promised he’ll buy you an ice-cream sandwich. As a bonus, Michael Taylor doesn’t know he just promised (in writing) to buy you an ice-cream sandwich but that makes it even more fun!

More seriously, we’re going to have a bit of a mess in the theatre due to construction. Our company of actors will be there cleaning up--but the sooner that is done the sooner they can get started on preparations for show one. In just two weeks.

We have a lot going on. Barnstormers. Thursday May 30. Anytime between 10 and 2. Stay for an hour or stay for four.

We appreciate all of our Barnstormers very much.

Free Ice Cream sandwiches!

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