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One Last Look at Season 55

Updated: Jan 7

Before we officially announce Season 56's line up of shows, let's take a walk down memory lane of Summer 2023...

Looking back on last summer, we remember all the galloping clergymen, pirouetting cowboys, revolving flight attendants, dramaturgical cops, Russian prisoners, plastered spinsters and befuddled bishops whose uproarious escapades filled the Red Barn stage with laughter. 

Artistic Director Michael Taylor supplemented our company of veteran Clinton County performers with versatile actors from Chicago, Florida and New York.

From the classic English comedy See How They Run to the “swinging sixties” farce Boeing Boeing to the sweetly absurd song, dance, and murder of Curtains! A Musical Whodunit, last season was one that we will remember fondly.

We reunited with local friends we’ve known for decades and welcomed many new patrons from all over central Indiana. We planted new trees and cut down some dead ones, we installed new sidewalks and extended the accessibility parking lot.

We repaired the annoying leak in the lobby roof as well as seepage in the backstage area. We improved the outdoor music stage and brought in new and talented musicians to entertain on the lawn before the show.

And judging by the best attendance we’ve had in twenty years, our 55th season was well attended and well received. We’d like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your attendance and support of the 55th season of the Red Barn.

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We’re so happy we attended all three plays. It had been awhile. Loved them all and looking forward to the new season lineup.

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