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What the Heck are Barnstormers?

In the 1800’s, “barnstormers” were theatrical troupes who traveled to America’s rural districts to perform. At the Red Barn we’ve adopted that name for our volunteers who work as servers, landscapers, flower arrangers, errand-runners and designers.

If you would like to volunteer and become a Barnstormer please contact us at and let us know you’d like help!

Or feel free to just show up and join us for our first of three 2024 Barnstormer Spring Clean Up days!

Saturday April 27th 10am to 2pm Outside

Saturday May 11th 10am to 2pm Outside

Saturday May 18th 10am to 2pm Inside

THIS weekend, we are looking for volunteers to help Andi and Carol weed, plant, rake & pick-up sticks. There’s no experience necessary. As usual sweet rolls, coffee and water provided. Come for an hour or stay for four. It’s time to start getting the lawn ready for Season 66!

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